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Corporate Concierge

The number one benefit a company can provide its employees is TIME! Crystal Concierge, LLC has created a way just to do that.

Professionals are struggling to balance their work and family responsibilities. Our corporate concierge and errand services improve productivity and morale by completing time consuming tasks for your employees. Corporate downsizing and mandatory multi-tasking add up to stressed-out workers. We will take care of your employee needs so they can take care of you. You can choose from two innovative concierge service options.

Crystal Concierge, LLC offers two different types of Corporate Concierge Services:

Dedicated On-Site Corporate Concierge
Flexible Corporate Concierge

Dedicated On-Site Corporate Concierge
Our company will customize this plan to provide a dedicated concierge for your organization's exclusive use. Your employees will be more productive by having the corporate concierge located in your office to take care of all their requests.
Below are some benefits to having us "in-house":
    Personalized service
    Requests can be made in person, by phone, fax or email
    All requests are handled within 24 hours
    Help arrange employee functions on-site

Flexible Corporate Concierge
The Flexible Concierge plan can be customized to serve smaller organizations. Your concierge is only a phone call away. Below are some benefits of this convenient call-in service:
    Requests can be made by phone, fax or email
    Most requests are handled within 24 hours

Every Concierge Service Package is unique.

We specialize in tailoring our services to your organization's requirements so you can meet your specific goals. Concierge services can be offered to your senior level staff or to your entire organization. The choice is yours!

Call today 973-919-7430 to explore the possibilities for providing Concierge Service to your valuable employees!


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